Patent Monetization

We strategically match your patents with the right licensees, creating ethical licensing programs that benefit you. Our approach turns underutilized patents into valuable assets, driving new revenue streams and financial stability. 

Partner with Innovaito to realize the full potential of your intellectual property.

Patents to Profits

Turn Innovations into Revenue

Many patents are underutilized, with over 50% not renewed after the third maintenance fee in the US. Our patent monetization process converts these patents into valuable assets, creating new revenue streams for your organization.

Explore New Market Opportunities

Monetizing your patents opens doors to new markets and industries, allowing your innovations to reach a broader audience and generate income from untapped areas.

Build Financial Stability

Patent monetization provides a steady revenue stream, helping you to maintain long-term financial health and sustainability for your institution.

Our Approach to Patent Monetization

Thorough Patent Assessment

Using advanced predictive analytics and expert insights, we identify key patents in your portfolio, selecting the most promising innovations for monetization.

Effective IP Protection

Our team manages the protection of your patents through detailed IP portfolio management, safeguarding your innovations against unauthorized use.

Strategic Valuation and Licensing

We perform in-depth due diligence and valuation to assess the commercial potential of your technologies. Our experience in technology licensing connects your innovations with the right commercial partners, generating revenue.

Harness the Power of Your Patents with Innovaito

Turn your patents into powerful business assets with our specialized patent monetization services. Schedule a consultation today to discover how our expertise can help you generate substantial revenue from your patent portfolio.

Why Choose Innovaito

We enable you to connect with the right venture capital and early-stage funding sources, ensuring your technology has the financial backing it needs to succeed.

Dr. DJ Nag has over 20 years of experience in IP strategy. Innovaito provides expert guidance throughout the technology transfer process, leveraging advanced AI and predictive analytics for accurate results.

We are recognized and trusted by Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, and national governments for our comprehensive and ethical IP solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Innovaito, we turn your patents into a powerful revenue stream. 

We understand the importance of clear information when it comes to optimizing the value of your intellectual property. This FAQ section addresses common questions, empowering you to capitalize on your inventions. 

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Patent monetization involves turning patents into revenue-generating assets by identifying and leveraging their commercial potential.

We evaluate your patents, protect your IP, conduct due diligence and valuation, and manage licensing and commercialization processes to ensure successful market entry.

Patent monetization unlocks hidden value in your patents, enhances the impact of your innovations, and drives strategic growth through revenue generation and industry partnerships.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll work with you to develop a tailored strategy for the commercialization of your patents.