Patent Monetization


Most patents have unrealized value and more than 50% of patents are not renewed after the third maintenance fee is due in the US.  Unfortunately, most patent owners miss the revenue opportunities from their patents.  With Innovaito practical approach for patent monetization, success in deriving revenues is attainable from your patent portfolio. No matter if you are a university, small or medium sized company or a Fortune 500 company there is always a way to effectively bring patents from a cost center to a revenue center. 

Innovaito has extensive experience in patent monetization, utilizing cutting edge predictive analytics for identifying key patents in your portfolio and a team of world renowned experts to deliver full value from your assets. The team has successfully worked with clients on numerous patent monetization, licensing and startup engagements.

In the present market, the value of intangible assets is enormous. A recent study assigned more than $25 trillion valuation to the intangible assets in 2018, just for the S&P 500 companies. The licensing income of companies such as Microsoft or Qualcomm accounts for the majority of their net profits. Yet, we are in a situation where the monetization of patent assets is not completely understood. IBM is a pioneer in this field on the corporate side, generating a consistent >$1.5 B in licensing income from patents. There are two principles of IBM licensing: make the patent relevant for the licensee and ensure that the patents are of high quality. 

At Innovaito, we have adopted these principles to deliver value to our clients for monetizing their patent portfolio. Our approach is always customized for your specific needs as opposed to using a standard approach.