Intellectual Property Licensing


Successful licensing is both an art and a science. It requires careful understanding of the technology to be licensed, in depth knowledge of the market and the players in it as well a very clearly laid out valuation of the intellectual property (IP) to be licensed.

Early-stage intellectual property licensing

Innovaito has vast experience in licensing early-stage IP with great success. The fundamental difference in licensing an early-stage IP from a late-stage IP is coming up with a market-based approach to find value drivers of the licensable IP. Having significant knowledge of the various deal structures guide us to bring success to the IP owners.

Startup licensing

We are especially well positioned to assist startups in negotiating the best deal for their IP, having done that in every area of technology, with complex structures. This requires special understanding of equity valuation as well as royalty rates. Whether you are looking to out license or in license an IP portfolio we can help.

IP Valuation

We have performed numerous valuations of complex portfolios of IP. Using the appropriate methods of market based, cost based on income-based approach, we can provide an accurate value of the IP portfolio that will assist in the licensing transaction or sale of assets. Our approach can increase the value of your transaction significantly. The valuation is always done from a perspective of licensing, sale or damages, as may be appropriate for that IP portfolio.